GEPCO Unit Price in 2024

GEPCO Unit Price in 2024 has increased rapidly and the electricity prices in Pakistan are with an upward trend under NEPRA.

Due to Pakistan’s economic conditions and changes in currency rates, the fuel price adjustment taxes vary in each month’s Gepco bill.

Moreover, the rapid change in the taxes on FPA has a significant impact on electricity production costs.

GEPCO Unit Price

GEPCO Unit Rates of Electricity Bill

Due to the inflation in Pakistan electricity prices are increasing quickly. This is directly related to the fuel prices that affect the electricity generation cost.

Moreover, another reason is the IMF package that causes the increase in taxes and overall bill prices impacted.

Domestic Unit Price Gepco (Protected Customers)

The following table describes the unit rates for the customers who have used less than 200 units each month in a period of the last 6 months.

No.UnitsGEPCO Unit Price (Per KWH)
01Up to 50 Units (lifeline)Rs. 7
0251-100 Units (Lifeline)Rs. 11.68
030- 100 Units Rs. 15.75
04101-200 UnitsRs. 18.07
Unit Rates for Customers Used Less Than 200 Units Each Month (Last 6 Months Duration)

GEPCO Unit Price For Unprotected Customers

If you have consumed more than 200 units then the following unit rates will be applicable according to the usage.

No.Number Of UnitsPrice Per Unit (KWh)
011-100Rs. 22
02101-200Rs. 32
03201-300Rs. 37
04301-400Rs. 43
05401-500Rs. 47
06501-600Rs. 49
07601-700Rs. 52
08Above 700Rs. 65
Unit Rates for Customers Used More Than 200 Units

GEPCO Commercial Unit Prices

If you are a commercial user then the following table GEPCO commercial unit process will apply to you:

Load TypePrice Per Unit
Less Than 5KW ConnectionRs.38.82 Per Unit
Less Than 5KW ConnectionRs.40.26 Per Unit
GEPCO Commercial Unit Prices


In this post, we have covered the Gepco unit prices for domestic and commercial users. You can find the consumed units and prices, and if you are a domestic user check our Gepco bill calculator to help you estimate your Gepco bill online.