GEPCO Demand Notice Tracking 2024

After applying for GEPCO’s new connection, demand notice tracking is one of the main concerns for us. If you are looking for Gepco demand notice tracking online or want to know how to track your new connection online, this guide will answer your question. Also, check your latest GEPCO bill with your customer ID or reference number.

If you applied for GEPCO new connection online then tracking your demand notice application is an easy and simple process. You can also follow this tracking process for other electricity companies in Pakistan like IESCO, LESCO, FESCO, MEPCO, PESCO, HESCO, SEPCO, QESCO, and TESCO.

This guide is helpful for customers who have applied for their new GEPCO connection and want to track their application demand notice.

GEPCO Demand Notice Tracking

How to Track GEPCO Demand Notice?

Follow the steps below to track demand notice GEPCO.

Visit the ENC System Portal

First, you have to visit the ENC – Electricity New Connection Portal from the GEPCO official website. When you open the ENC portal, on the left sidebar you will see some options like Home, Apply, change, Track, Print Form, Print DN, Pay DN, and Upload DN. 

Demand Notice Tracking Option

On the left sidebar, select the tracking option.  Once you’re on the track tab, you will notice two fields: one for “New Connection” and the other for “Change of name/tariff/load”.

Select the “New Connection” option, you will see a new window showing “Application Tracking”.

From the options select your electric company “GEPCO”, enter your tracking ID, and click on the submit button. You will see a new pop-up displaying your application process stage. 

Generally, an application takes around 60 days and goes through the following stages:

  • Arrear Verification
  • Site Verification
  • Prepare SCE
  • Approval of Application
  • Prepare Demand Notice
  • Verify Demand Notice
  • Prepare & Issuance of SCO
  • Prepare Store Requisition
  • Aproval of Soter Requistion
  • Issuance of Material
  • Connection Info Update
  • Meter Installed
  • Send info to RO
  • In Progress
  • Approve SCO
  • Ready for Billing

How To Check GEPCO Online Application Status?

To check the GEPCO online application you will need the tracking ID so to find the current status of your application. You can easily check your GEPCO application status by using your GEPCO tracking ID that is providing you when you submit your application

Follow these steps to check the online application status:

  • Visit the GEPCO official site and navigate the ENC Portal.
  • Find and click on the application track option.
  • Select “New Connection” from the option.
  • Select the electricity company GEPCO.
  • Then, enter your application tracking ID provided by GEPCO.
  • Click on the submit button to see the application tracking status.


In this guide, we have covered the step-by-step guide to track your GEPCO demand notice. This is a simple and quick way to track your application status without visiting the GEPCO office.

You have to follow the steps mentioned above and make sure you have the tracking ID provided by GEPCO at the time of your application submission. This ID is also helpful in case of a delay in the process or if you want to register a complaint.


To register a complaint you need to visit and fill out the GEPCO E-Complaint Form.

You need to visit the ENC Online Portal and open the tracking option to check the current status of your demand notice application.

You can easily check your GEPCO bill by entering your Consumer ID or 14-digit reference number at