Check Your GEPCO Duplicate Bill Online

Ever thought of checking your GEPCO duplicate bill online? GEPCOebill helps you to check your Gujranwala bills online within seconds. If you haven’t received your bills, you can easily track old and previous bills online.

GEPCO Unit Rates of Electricity Bill

Why Check Your GEPCO Bill Online?

Checking your GEPCO bill online is not only fast but also saves you the hassle of dealing with paper bills. Whether you’ve missed the bill in the mail or simply

want to keep an eye on your usage, the online method is a lifesaver. Plus, you can pay your bill directly through various digital payment methods, avoiding long queues at banks and post offices.

How Do I Check My Duplicate GEPCO Bill

To check your Duplicate GEPCO bill, visit the GEPCO website and navigate to the ‘Customer Services’ section. Here, you can find the option to view or download your electricity bill by entering your 14-digit reference number, which is usually found on any previous bill. Once entered, you can easily view the details of your current bill, including due dates and payment history.

Get Your GEPCO Bill Online Quickly and Easily

We let you view and manage your GEPCO electricity bill conveniently. Here’s what you can do to get your bills on your phones:

  • Check your latest GEPCO bill: Enter your 14-digit reference number (no spaces) and click “Check Bill” to see your current month’s bill or the most recent one available.
  • View updated unit prices: Stay informed about the latest GEPCO unit rates.
  • Download or print your bill: Save a copy of your bill for free in PDF format, or print it directly.

How to Check Gujranwala Electricity Bill by CNIC number?

Unfortunately, you cannot check your Gujranwala (GEPCO) electricity bill directly using your CNIC number. The system relies on a unique 14-digit reference number for bill retrieval.

So, what you can do to check GEPCO bills?

  • Locate your reference number: It’s usually printed on your most recent GEPCO bill, often at the top left corner near the Consumer ID.
  • Check your bill online: Once you have the reference number, head to either the Gepco Duplicate Bill website or GEPCO Web Bill (search online for both). Enter the reference number (without spaces) and access your current or most recent bill.

If you don’t have a recent bill or can’t find the reference number, here are some alternative options:

  • Contact GEPCO: Call the GEPCO helpline or visit their nearest customer service center. They can assist you in finding your reference number or providing your current bill details.
  • Search online (with caution): While not recommended, some third-party websites might claim to offer bill checks using CNIC. However, be cautious about entering personal information on such platforms. It’s safer to rely on GEPCO’s official channels.

How to Check if Your GEPCO Bill is Paid

To verify if your bill has been paid, you can use any of the apps mentioned above. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the App: Use the app you made the payment with (JazzCash, EasyPaisa, or your bank’s app).
  2. Check Payment History: Navigate to your payment history or utility bills section.
  3. Enter Reference Number: View the status of your recent payments.

Alternatively, you can contact GEPCO directly or visit their nearest office for confirmation.

More FAQs

Contact GEPCO’s helpline or visit their nearest customer service center in Gujranwala. They can help you find your reference number or provide current bill details.

Yes, the Gepco Duplicate Bill website and likely GEPCO Web Bill are free to use for checking and downloading your GEPCO bill.

Yes, both Gepco Duplicate Bill and GEPCO Web Bill should allow you to download a PDF copy of your GEPCO bill for free.

You can’t check your GEPCO bill without your reference number or customer ID.